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Tom Moyane under fire

Judge Robert Nugent says the President needs to acts immediately to remove suspended Sars Commissioner Tom Moyane.

Nugent is chairing the commission of inquiry into tax administration and governance at the South African Revenue Service.

The commission released its interim report to the President at the end of September, urging Ramaphosa to act swiftly to the recommendations made.

This has not been taken lightly by Moyane.

The 30-page report says Moyane dismantled vital structures, one of them being the investigation unit.

Tom Moyane

Moyane tried to stop the Commission of Inquiry when it was in its first week. He argued that it was unfair, even going as far as calling it a kangaroo court.

The suspended commissioner was facing a completely separate disciplinary hearing and felt that it was unfair to have the two running at the same time.

Moyane’s legal team has slammed the commission as unlawful and biased.

Meanwhile, the Presidency says he is applying his mind to the contents of the interim report and the recommendations made by the Commission.

The commission will continue on Wednesday with the chief financial officer Johnston Makhubu in the hot seat.

The final report is set to land on the President’s desk by the end of November.

Source: News24

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