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School bus driver on the run after causing an accident

Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said the incident had happened Tuesday morning. Johannesburg metro police are searching for a school bus driver who fled the scene after causing an accident on Tuesday while transporting a group of pupils.

A witness, who refused to be identified, said he had been travelling with his daughter in his vehicle when he stopped at an intersection on the corner of De La Rey and Rockey streets in Bellevue East.

He said the driver of the school bus, who he thought was rushing to drop pupils off at school, had skipped a red traffic light and crashed into a Toyota Corolla.


“The driver of the Corolla was on his right way because the robot had opened for him (sic). After hitting the Corolla, another vehicle arrived and the driver of the vehicle, together with the bus driver, then loaded learners into the vehicle which had just arrived,” he said.

The witness said everything had happened quickly and that the school bus and the Toyota Corolla had later been removed by tow trucks. “The school bus quickly disappeared before metro officers could arrive. The way I saw it, some of the learners were injured. I don’t know if the school bus driver took them to the hospital for medical attention or if he dropped them off at school,” the witness said.

The man said the bus’ registration numbers were not South African. He was unable to describe the model and make of the vehicle. Minnaar said they were investigating the accident and were trying to trace the whereabouts of the bus driver.

He is wanted on charges of reckless and negligent driving and of fleeing the accident scene. In another incident on Tuesday, JMPD arrested a man in the Johannesburg CBD following an incident where three people were seen fighting inside an Uber vehicle.

City of Johannesburg MMC Michael Sun told News24 that JMPD officers who were patrolling Eloff and Marshall streets had seen the fracas and quickly responded.

Whilst JMPD was patrolling Eloff/ Marshall St, Jhb CBD, they saw 3 people fighting inside a vehicle, JMPD quickly responded & found 2 suspects robbing.

They found two suspects robbing an Uber driver. The driver told officers that one of the suspects had strangled him with a belt while attempting to steal his phone and money.

One suspect was later arrested.

Source: Daily Sun

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