Tol Ass Mo reunites with his wife Mome Mahlangu after separation

Tol Ass Mo and Mome Mahlangu are back together as a couple. Over the past few months, the two separated and it was disclosed that they are headed for a divorce, for reasons best known to them.Currently, right now Mome & I are separated. We are in the process of filing for divorce,” the comedian revealed in July.

“People grow, we grew apart. We went through so many struggles in our relationship. I was there for her as much as she was there for me, and the most important thing with his separation is the respect between the two of us,” he adds.

Tol Ass Mo and Mome Mahlangu

The couple who have been married for 10 years have three children together. However, their separation garnered attention after Tol made it clear that he wouldn’t be in a relationship with a black woman again.

“I’m so traumatised to the point where I don’t want to have a black woman. And Mome’s not part of my trauma. I even said on my interview that even when I was making love to my wife, I’d get flashbacks of this woman in my mind.”

Tol Ass Mo and Mome Mahlangu

He later added, “If God grants me a second love, it’s gonna be a Caucasian woman.” Tol Ass Mo broke his promise by dating a black woman, while Mome on the other hand avoided the media.

Tol Ass Mo and Mome Mahlangu

Though, she made a post about surviving pains and healing for 5 months. On Saturday, Mome trended on social media again, but this time around it is due to a video of herself with the comedian.

It is presumed that the two used an Instagram Live chat to announce their reunion. In the video, Tol Ass Mo planted a kiss on the cheek of the businesswoman, whom he had formerly separated from.

South Africans on social media have poured out various reactions as regarded their reunion.

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