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Tito Mboweni threatens legal action against alleged extortionist

Tito Mboweni

Finance minister Tito Mboweni is threatening to lay criminal charges against a woman who he claims is trying to extort money from him.

Mboweni has appointed lawyers Fluxmans Attorneys to demand that the woman desist from sending him WhatsApp messages.

A letter from the attorneys, which has been seen by Eyewitness News, says the woman said she had been offered R100,000 to release communication between her and Mboweni.

But the minister says he has not met the woman.

Another letter from Fluxmans says the woman asked Mboweni to pay her R7,000 for her rent and registration.

The minister’s lawyer is Jerome Levitz said, “Minister Mboweni has received some WhatsApps which I consider to be extortionary in nature. He tells me that he is not sure who she is. He has never met her. “

Levitz says though he has not seen it, the woman alleges there’s WhatsApp communication between her and Mboweni.


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