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Tiffany Haddish leaves fans in fear after second DUI arrest

Comedian-turned-actor Tiffany Haddish has been causing a lot of fear and concern to spread in her friend group, and its due to her most recent DUI arrest. For those unversed, this arrest is her second in a span of two years, and many friends are starting to grow concerned for her future as a result.

The incident, this time around, occurred back on November, 24th where police found her slumped over the wheels of her car, in Beverly Drive, in Beverly Hills. Even some of her friends have come forward to showcase her own worry and feelings over the entire ordeal.

According to one close pal, who was quoted telling The Post, “As soon as I heard it, I said ‘god—-, I’m glad she’s okay’,” but “it seems weird to me. You would think that someone would have a driver in that situation.”

The friend also added, “This is tough because there’s nothing anybody’s gonna say to take away that this is her second offense.”

Especially with “the way people look at drinking and driving. Hopefully there’s a lesson to be learned. If people want to be critical, I say f*** that — you don’t know what a person is going through. You don’t know what’s troubling a person.”

It is pertinent to mention that, at the time she was taken away, in handcuffs, by the local law enforcement officials but quickly got back on stage right after the fact and poked fun at the entire incident.

Source: People

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