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‘DA arrogance exceeds their ability to govern well’ – ActionSA speaks on Gauteng coalition

ActionSA said there is no chance that the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) motion to dissolve the eThekwini council will pass as the party does not want to engage with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

The DA eThekwini caucus has submitted a motion to the speaker for a vote to dissolve the council and have fresh elections.

The DA said this is the only way to save the city from the historical and unabated collapse of service delivery under the African National Congress (ANC) and EFF coalition.

Last Thursday, the DA’s motion to dissolve the Johannesburg council failed, with only its councillors voting in favour of it.

ActionSA, who abstained on the vote, said the DA refused to engage other opposition parties to get the required two-thirds majority for it to pass.

ActionSA KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) chairperson Zwakele Mncwango said a similar situation is unfolding in eThekwini, where the DA has refused to entertain talks with the EFF.

“You cannot say you do not want to engage EFF, EFF controls power in eThekwini, now if you are serious about any motion in council it means you need to engage all opposition parties, you can’t single out one party and say I do not like to engage with this party.”

The DA has written to the eThekwini speaker to convene a special sitting this year before the council goes on its year-end recess.


ActionSA has labelled the DA as an arrogant and difficult coalition partner.

While ActionSA rejects the tag, many political analysts said it’s a breakaway DA party with its leader, national chairperson and four of their provincial chairpersons all being former DA members.

Speaking at the ActionSA’s 2024 election campaign launch in Hammanskraal on Saturday, the party’s chairperson Michael Beaumont said it won’t let the DA stop it in its mission to fix South Africa.

“Our experience in Gauteng in coalition has been difficult. We have had to deal with a coalition partner whose arrogance has greatly exceeded their ability to govern well. We have endured this arrogance not because we are weak, but because we are strong in our commitment to the South African people to provide an alternative to the ANC.”

Despite this, ActionSA has reaffirmed itself to the Multiparty Charter for South Africa, a DA-led initiative for a coalition of opposition parties that will wrestle power away from the ANC after next year’s elections.


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