Things you can use a condom

According to an article published by Health24 Gogos from Limpopo have believed a myth that condom lube can soothe joint pain, but the Department of health tried to address the issue even though the Gogos did not believe this.

A condom is a sheath-shaped barrier device, used during s-e-xual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy or a s-e-xually transmitted infection.

There are rather other things that you can use condoms for that can really help you.


– A fruit saver – Roll one of these over a piece of fruit to keep it fresh in your bag! Just maybe don’t take it out in front of people.

– Make up smoother – You get the best of both worlds: squishy texture that distributes makeup in tough-to-reach spots, without the wasteful absorption of a sponge.



– Elastic bands – Starting from the end, cut vertically along the length of the condom you have an elasctic band

– Cold pack – Fill with water and rubbing alcohol then put it in the freezer. Next time you sprain something, this will provide a cold press that will shape itself to wherever you put it.

– Waterproof phone holder – To avoid the dreaded phones, here’s a phone holder that will remain waterproof even if your phone is completely submerged.

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