Watch: King Monada’s Video Sparks worry

King Monada

FANS of King Monada have posted their take of his mental state after a video of him giggling uncontrollably appeared on social media. On Monday the Malwedhe hitmaker posted a video clip revving his new BMW M4 loudly.

He’s seen holding his head out the window, listening and laughing, running his hand over his head and holding his ear as if he is listening to the sound of the beautiful engine.

King Monada

“Koloi ye e ya Pheka, Odhwa o re khere kene,” laughs Monado. It means: “This car is mad. Just hear it. It roars!

King Monada

His fans on Facebook started questioning if he was taking drugs or nyaope. But his manager and a producer Albert Makwela denied he was drunk.

It was just a prank. I have never seen him drink alcohol since I’ve known him.


“He is the one person who has never consumed alcohol,” Makwela told Daily Sun.

“Some artists don’t even interact with the fans on social media but with Monada there’s always a place for fans.,”

King Monada released a new song two weeks ago titled Bomme which is doing well.

He said King Monada’s fans also loved posting videos of themselves doing funny things while playing his music.

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Source: Dailysun


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