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The real reason why Zwai Bala and his wife Melanie split

Tkzee’s Zwai Bala and his wife Melanie split up, and they didn’t say why…

But there are allegations that Melanie caught him cheating!

One well-placed insider said Melanie had found solace in her close circle of friends, who had been supportive.

Zwai and wife Melanie


Sources close to the couple claim that Melanie was in pain when she discovered her hubby had been seeing other women.

According to sources, the pair live under the same roof – “for the sake of the kids”.

According to this insider, Zwai was caught for the second time just after Melanie gave birth.Her focus at the time was on her children.

“I don’t know how Zwai is going to survive without Melanie because she goes all the way for her family,” said the source.

Another showbiz mole said: “The two were perfect for each other. When Zwai didn’t get gigs, Melanie had a job at Metro FM and could support the family.”

This mole claims Melanie nabbed Zwai for his third infidelity by checking cellphone statements and other accounts.

“As the family, we knew he was cheating. He had no clue he’d make such mistakes. And look where it got him!” said the informant.

When called by the our source, Zwai refused to comment.

“We are not interested in talking about our private lives, we’ve never done that, and we’re not going to start now,” he said.

Melanie said she wouldn’t say anything about the story – to add or subtract.

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