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Vuyiswa is losing control of Jerry Maake and it hurts #TheQueenMzansi

The Queen’s Jerry may have survived dying three times, but now his missus is the one going the most.​ Vee has watched her hubby come back from the dead and seemingly be cured of devastating cancer, but now he has lost his memory and can’t remember her.

Jerry Maake

Jerry thinks he is someone else and has been chasing every woman but Vee. The good news for Vee is that he is starting to regain his memory and on Monday remembered how his house was burnt down by Harriet.

Jerry Maake


The only problem is that he thinks Harriet is his wife. AWKS! Vee has been patiently sticking by him and trying to jog his memory, but without success. Even Thato was concerned, and told Jerry that losing his memory didn’t mean he should hurt those who love him.

He begged Jerry not to abandon his family to chase a life that was never his. Fans were just as concerned, and filled social media with memes and messages about Jerry.

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