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The Queen actor Vuyo Ngcukana quickly reacts to Man trying to snatch his beautiful Girlfriend

The Queen actor stood his ground after a tweep who had his eyes set on his lady, tried to holla at her on social media, but Vuyo Ngcukana was just not about that.

Vuyo Ngcukana (Schumacher) and Renate Stuurman

Ngcukana responded to a tweep who seems to be head over heels in love with his girlfriend Renate Stuurman, and is convinced that he might have a shot with her, however, Vuyo Ngcukana killed those flames even before anyone could fuel them.

Vuyo Ngcukana (Schumacher) and Renate Stuurman

She’s already hollering at me bro, hade” Vuyo wrote.

Being the reasonable guy that he is, Vuyo did however escalate the matter to Renate, whom respectfully declined the offer, due to being at full capacity with her love life.

I’be reached my hollering capacity, but thanks” Renate wrote.

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