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Simz Ngema’s sweetheart Tino Chinyani fired for displaying the ‘temple of the Holy Spirit’

Model Tino Chinyani has lately found himself being roasted left, right and center on social media over any small things you will never think might be a big issue. This has also been fueled by a bombshell they dropped that he and actress Simphiwe Ngema are in a relationship and expecting their first bundle of joy.

Recently, there is a tweep who goes by Lerato M who from nowhere decided to share her opinion on Tino about how his posts on social media. She criticized him on his [email protected] photos that he should have respect on his body since it is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

You can see this one does not respect himself, who will marry him if he keeps posting pictures of himself like this? Busy displaying his body, the temple of the Holy spirit for the whole world to see. Guys you don’t have to be naked to be beautiful!‘, she tweeted.

She went on with her criticism and even lectured on how he should be behaving instead of posting sexxy posts. ‘Thina we want to see pictures of men graduating, praying, reading the Bible, doing the garden, building houses, slaughtering bulls with their bare hands, hunting lions & fighting with elephants, wolves & sharks. You know? Bringing Jesus back‘, she wrote.

Infact you can tell by that tattoo he is not even a Proverbs 32 man, what example will he be setting for the kids? Attention seeking nje. He must close his legs and open his mind! Not these slay kings‘, she continued., Twitter

In other news – Zahara heavily attacked for crushing on late Wakanda actor Chadwick Boseman who was married

As tributes continue to pour in for multi-talented actor Chadwick Boseman, SA’s ward-winning musician Zahara allegedly joined a number of celebs and fans in paying tribute to the fallen actor.

Chadwick Boseman and Zahara

Zahara has found herself being dragged on Twitter, after she allegedly posted a tribute to Chadwick on her Instagram account. An alleged attempt to pay tribute to the late star has caused mixed reactions on social media, with many saying the post is cringe-worthy. Learn More

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