Texas Chain Saw Massacre Makes Big Changes to Lobby System

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is adding a three-minute timeout after players intentionally leave lobbies. Releasing in 2023, the video game inspired by the classic horror film has emphasized team-based gameplay through its online co-op and PVP modes. It appears that the game’s newer team of developers at Black Tower Studios want players to get more out of the collaborative elements of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw-Massacre has gone through plenty of changes since its release. One of the biggest new changes was the swapping of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre developers from Sumo Nottingham over to Black Tower Studios, who had worked on the similarly styled Friday the 13th: The Game under the same publisher, Gun Interactive. Before and following this change, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre had plenty of different features and updates added.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be giving a three-minute cooldown to players who intentionally leave lobbies. This change is being added to curb “lobby dodging,” and the developer team emphasizes that this decision was not their first choice, but it helps the developers look for other issues troubling lobbies. Aside from the implementation of a cooldown for leaving, the most recent update to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre nerfed perks by lowering the amount of health that players can earn using them.

It seems that these changes were made to add to the level of skill needed to succeed. Including the lobby exit cooldown, these changes appear to tighten the competitive nature of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre by incentivizing gamers to work together more and be diligent about their play styles.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Details for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s Lobby Changes
There will be a three-minute timeout for players who

  • Choose to leave a public lobby on purpose after being prompted with an exit pop-up
  • Disconnect from the server while in a public lobby
  • Close out of the game while in a public lobby (i.e. Alt- F4)
  • Players will NOT receive a penalty if any of these circumstances occur within a public lobby:

When a party has been kicked from the lobby
When the party host leaves
Party internet connection is lost
The match does not have enough suitable players

These and other updates show that the team working on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre wants gamers to keep playing. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre recently offered free content, rewarding level 99 players with Blackout cosmetics as a thank-you for playing the game. Changes being made overall appear to be fine-tuning the experience to let fans enjoy the smoothest gameplay sessions possible.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Before these changes, another update added a new victim to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The game introduced Virginia, voiced by horror icon Barbara Crampton. In gameplay, Virginia is capable of blinding Sawyer family members and contaminating their blood buckets, making the game tougher for those on the offensive. In addition to new characters, cosmetics, and lobby changes, it seems that Black Tower Studios is focusing on increasing the longevity of the game through quality-of-life changes and making The Texas Chain Saw Massacre more interesting as time goes on.

Source – GamaesRant

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