Fallout 4 Player Has Discovered New Clever Way to Get Extra Defense at Their Settlement

One wanderer of Fallout 4‘s Commonwealth Wasteland has found an interesting way to get the Brotherhood of Steel to help defend a local settlement. Their method doesn’t require any skill checks or defeating bosses but has nonetheless proven effective against Fallout 4’s more unsavory characters.

Fallout 4

Protecting and supporting various settlements throughout the ruins of what once was eastern Massachusetts is one of Fallout 4’s ancillary gameplay elements. Using the game’s Workshop mode, players can provide food, water, shelter, and security for their settlements by collecting junk throughout the Commonwealth, scrapping it for materials, and building whatever is needed.

While the settlement sites are largely predetermined, finding the best way to defend a Fallout 4 settlement, let alone how to build one, can be a little tricky. “Defend” is important here, because occasionally settlements will require protection from some of the rougher elements of the wasteland.

In this particular instance, Reddit user u/iammerelyhere has found a way to keep a highly-trained member of the Brotherhood of Steel on deck at all times for just such an occasion, but it’s more a matter of taking advantage of glitches in Fallout 4’s AI rather than inspiring leadership skills.

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By stealing the armor of a Brotherhood of Steel soldier and placing it just out of their reach, the soldier is locked into position as close as they can be by their need to get back into their armor.

This method involves scaling an abandoned truck with limited space on the roof while wearing the armor, getting out, and simply leaving it there. The NPC is now forced to stand by their purloined Power Armor, but can still attack should any raiders or super mutants make an appearance.

In Fallout 4 (and in Fallout 76), players can’t use the imposing Power Armor without finding Fusion Cores around Fallout 4’s map, but it’s possible to steal them right out of the armor if the Pickpocket perk and their Agility stats are high enough. This forces the character out of the armor, and the player can simply hop in and take it for a spin, which iammerelyhere reports happened in this case.

Fallout 4

Bethesda and “It Just Works”
While Bethesda Softworks is the developer of smash-hit games like Fallout 4 and the Elder Scrolls series, along with its newest release Starfield, the infamous Bethesda glitches can be anywhere from highly amusing to downright frustrating. Some of these show up early in a game’s release and get slowly patched out, as in Fallout 76, but sometimes players find things like this situation that theoretically shouldn’t work the way they do. But in this case, it turned out to be a pretty handy way to keep the Commonwealth just a little bit safer.

Source – GamesRant