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Health Dept & Mpumalanga police to quell protests interfering with Temba Hospital operations

The Department of Health will now work with police in Mpumalanga to prevent community protests from interfering with operations at the Temba Hospital.

The facility opened its doors this week after it closed down for three weeks.

The hospital shut its doors following a community protest that turned violent leading to the assault of staff and patients.

The Health Department has condemned the violence that led to the disruption of operations at the facility.

The hospital was out of commission for three weeks after medical practitioners were advised by their unions to down tools until the matter was resolved.

The department said while communities had the right to protest, it couldn’t put the lives of patients and staff in danger.

It has commended police in the region for their swift response in attending to the matter, saying the police stand ready to attend to any disruptions at the hospital.


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