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First batch of 10 000 police recruits to start training

The first batch of 10,000 police recruits will report for training on Monday. 4,500 Trainees make up batch one.

The second batch of 5,500 will commence training in January next year.

The SAPS is calling on applicants to be patient and await communication from them.

The SAPS received more than 1 million applications.


In other news – Every parent’s dream: Oscar Mbo buys his mother a new car – WATCH

Well-known South African record producer and DJ, Oscar Mbo blesses his parents following the success of his music career.

Oscar Mbo buys his mother a new car

The Mzansi DJ came to the limelight a few years ago, and he’s been using his money to care for his family, his lover, and others whom he cares for. In early March, Oscar revealed buying his father a new car; he shared the video and the reaction from the man was priceless. Read More