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Telkom to launch its own video streaming service


Telkom has announced that it will launch its own video-on-demand service named TelkomONE, which will focus on local content.

The company said it is looking for local content creators to contribute content that will be streamed over TelkomONE, which will launch on 30 November 2020 and will offer a selection of local music, education, and series.

“TelkomONE is a proudly local and South African service and naturally, we want to host and showcase outstanding content by content producers from our very own shores, including filmmakers, videographers, writers and directors on the platform,” said Telkom executive for smart home and content Wanda Mkhize.

The TelkomONE streaming service will be available on web, mobile apps, and streaming box and comes in daily, weekly, and monthly subscription packages.

It will also include a wide range of TV channels available to customers from most major networks.

“To this end, we have created a competition under the hashtag #OpenUpTheIndustry where such content producers wishing to be noticed can enter for an amazing opportunity to not only win cash prizes to assist them with their content production, but to also have their final body of work featured on our platform for viewing by our audience.


Telkom said there are three genres which content producers may enter their submissions under – comedy, lifestyle, and “mobivelas”.

Competition categories and prizes
The company said a mobivela is a telenovela for mobile, and entrants in this category will be judged on their ability to capture and tell a real and original short-story.

“The ultimate winner should demonstrate the ability to make viewers see themselves in the cast/characters,” Telkom said.

Comedy entrants will be judged on their ability to make viewers laugh and will include everything from stand-up comedy to parodies and satire.

For the lifestyle genre, entrants can create content ranging from a magazine show to edutainment content.

“The deciding factor will be the content producer’s ability to provide good escapism to viewers looking to be inspired and entertained,” Telkom said.

This competition will run from 12 October 2020 until 30 November 2020 at 18:00 and the winner of each category will receive R100,000 in funding towards the production of their content.

Entrants are required to shoot and submit a minimum of 1 and maximum of 3 short-form (5-10 mins) clips as entry into one of the three genres via www.create.telkomone.tv.

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