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Shocking video of a wild party, men and women playing with serious guns

Shocking video of a wild party, men and women playing with serious guns

It’s a wild party as the booze flows, the music booms and serious guns are waved around.

But shocked viewers of this video shake their heads and warn: THIS WILL END IN TEARS! This is the opinion of most of the people who’ve seen the video clip of men and women having fun and boozing.

The women hold the guns, the men stroke the breasts. In the video seen on the internet, two women in short skirts are sitting on the laps of two men.

They hold drinks in one hand and their firearms in the other. Another woman joins the group, and she too has a handgun which she waves around.

One of the women howls in a high- pitched voice, in tune with the music: “F**k! F**k! F**k!” over and over.

Watch the VIDEO here

National police spokeswoman, Colonel Brenda Muridili, condemned the behaviour.

“It’s in contravention of the Firearms Control Act,” said Muridili.

“We’ll trace the origin of this video clip and let the law take its course.”

A man from a hostel looked at the video and told Daily Sun he was scared just looking at it.

“I was once involved in a situation like that, playing with guns, and I almost killed my cousin.

“I’ve never touched a gun since that day. I hate it with a passion.

“Those people in the video must be careful. They might not be as lucky as me and someone might die.”

Social media viewers said the people were being irresponsible and needed to be caught and taught a lesson.

Mkhize Maswaya wrote: “Guns don’t kill people – people do. This is irresponsible.”

Prisca Mkhanzi said: “It will end in tears.”

Phillip Johnson said they will end up in a coffin.

Sharon Joy complained that this behaviour would make the government ban alcohol sales again.

Daily Sun tried to talk to the person who uploaded the video and the one who was tagged, but they couldn’t be reached.

-Daily Sun

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