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Here is South Africa’s most hijacked car: Revealed

Johannesburg - Volkswagen remains the most hijacked passenger vehicle brand in South Africa. This is according to Ctrack, a global supplier of vehicle tracking, insurance...

Former Volkswagen boss charged over diesel emissions scandal

The former chief executive of the carmaker Volkswagen has been charged in Germany over his involvement in the company's diesel emissions scandal. The public prosecutor...

Volkswagen profits soar as diesel scandal costs fade

German car giant Volkswagen reported soaring profits for a third-quarter free of massive payouts for diesel emissions cheating but the results were still weighed...

VW’s new special edition bus is perfect for dusty veldskoene

It’s named after the world’s longest road network, the PanAmericana Highway that stretches from Canada to Argentina (with one not-so-little snag in the middle)...

VW didn’t cheat on petrol emissions

The ministry confirmed on Sunday that the Federal Office for Motor Vehicles had investigated all the allegations made against the company so far. The...

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