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Student falls 24m from building trying to take an Instagram Picture

Alexa Terrazas
Alexa Terrazas

A 23-year-old student fell 24m from her balcony, breaking both her legs while attempting a yoga pose.

The Mirror reported that Alexa Terrazas, from San Pedro in Mexico, was attempting an upside-down yoga pose on the balcony of her sixth-floor apartment when the accident happened.

Terrazas was reportedly posing for a photo when she slipped and fell on to her driveway. The image, captured by her roommate just before the accident, was posted on Twitter and has since gone viral.

According to the New York Post, Terrazas underwent 11 hours of surgery. The health and nutrition student was in critical condition, having suffered fractures to both legs and arms, hips and head. She may not be able to walk for three years.

The Sun reported that the fall was thought to be an accident, as the balcony and handrail were undamaged.

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