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Stopped on her way from school by Man in Mercedes Benz

We all go to school to learn and we all know that when you add 4 items together you get 4 as the result. BUT when you add these four pictures together you can come up with a whole different answer which I am sure the will be the same for all of us.

Pictures doing rounds on social media show a young lady in a school uniform walking down the street and is approached by a man in a Mercedes Benz with Number plates HY82XC GP. 

At first glance, I thought it was a plot to a movie or series of some sort but after an Internet search, I found out the pictures where shared on Twitter and they seem to be trending. Back to the pictures, Obviously, she is stopped and they exchanged numbers but that didn’t end there.


School Girl taken in Mercedes Benz

The man must have had been very charming because, in the next picture, the young lady in her school uniform is all over the Mercedes Benz and is all smiles. We wonder what he said to her that got her to smile like that… Remember this is my own narrative, you can write your own after seeing the 4 pictures.

School Girl taken in Mercedes Benz

And then the finale, which seems to have been acted out on the roof parking lot… the young lady is no longer smartly dressed, her uniform is all over the place and we can only add all these pictures together and know that something happened in that Mercedes Benz.

School Girl taken in Mercedes Benz

A video doing rounds on social media claiming to be the young lady and the Mercedes Benz driver have even caused more chaos though we are pretty sure the video is fake. From what we see on the video… Wait you can watch the video on … From what we see on the video, the car doesn’t seem like its a Mercedes Benz and that steering wheel seems to be at the wrong side for South African Vehicles. But you be the judge.

Source – News365/Pictures-Twitter

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