Starfield Mod Overhauls the Temples

Starfield has traded the Dragon Walls of Skyrim for hundreds of Starborn Temples scattered around the Settled Systems, and a convenient mod has been released for players who find the grind too tedious. Though the latest Bethesda title has often been compared to Skyrim even before its launch, the similarities between Starfield and Skyrim couldn’t be more obvious when it comes to Starborn Powers, which are essentially seen as “dragon shouts in spaceMechanically speaking, being a Dragonborn and being a Starborn isn’t all that different, as Starfield players have a dedicated button for activating their Power, and they obtain and upgrade these abilities by seeking out Starborn Temples, which are the equivalent of Word Walls from Skyrim. However, as opposed to about 80 Word Walls hidden all across the Nord province, Starfield players need three times that amount of Starborn Temples to fully upgrade their Powers.

Given that each Power in Starfield has 10 ranks, and that there are 24 total Powers in the game, those interested in maximizing their potency would need to visit 240 Temples over the course of 10 Starfield New Game Plus experiences. It’s a tall ask for most players to fulfill, no matter how patient or enamored with the game they may be, which is why ConnerRia created a Starfield mod that reworks the way Powers are upgraded.

The simple-yet-effective mod removes the need to repeatedly visit previously-explored Temples, instead upgrading the Powers automatically every time players achieve UnityWhile Starfield mods have already managed to improve upon the base game, once Starfield’s official modding tools release in early 2024, the Creation Kit will allow for more substantial changes. The idea to have Powers organically improve through New Game Plus is a genius solution, as by the time players achieve Unity and begin to upgrade their Starborn abilities, much of Starfield’s initial difficulty becomes trivial. By reducing the amount of Temples that players need to visit tenfold, the momentum of New Game Plus avoids becoming bogged down by the Temple grind.

Though one might make the argument that Bethesda took the conservative route in making the Powers so derivative of the Dragon Shouts from Skyrim, the unique way that Starfield handles its New Game Plus is one of the game’s biggest strengths. By removing the Temple grind on post-Unity runs, only the best aspects of Skyrim’s Dragon Shouts are preserved, which ultimately makes for a much more satisfying experience in trying to max out the Powers in Starfield.

Source: gamerant