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SANParks provides details surrounding lion shot dead after entering staff quarters

The elderly male lion was reportedly hungry and suffered from ailments associated with TB. SANParks have provided more information on the elderly male lion that was shot dead at Berg-en-Dal staff quarters on Thursday, reports Lowvelder.

According to a SANParks statement, the lion had “a swollen left stifle joint with corrosive lesions to the cartilage of the medial and lateral condyles of the distal femur, usually associated with tuberculosis (TB).

“A single granulomatous lesion was found in the left lung, also related to TB. Several pelvic lymph nodes appeared cystic and samples were collected for TB analysis. Stomach contents consisted of impala hair and some bones. The intestines were virtually empty, causing the lion to be hungry.”

The statement also explained the situation surrounding the shooting in more detail.

According to SANParks, the lion “pushed his way in, and that the gate was not left open, an investigation revealed”.

“Attempting the option to dart the lion at 2am meant that a helicopter would have to ferry the vet into Berg-en-Dal, further aggravating the lion, which could have acted in a harmful way.

“The multiple shots that were fired first were an attempt to coax the lion out of the premises, along with other tactics. The ranger acted to the best of his ability under the circumstances to ensure the lion did not harm anyone.”

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Source: The Citizen

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