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#Statecaptureinquiry to hear more Prasa-related testimony

The state capture inquiry will hear testimony of alleged monthly payments to former president Jacob Zuma by an entity that later scored a contract at Prasa. The commission of inquiry into state capture chaired by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo is, over the next couple of days, expected to hear testimony relating to the alleged state capture of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa).

Evidence leader at the commission, advocate Vas Soni, said reference would be made to judgments, which included “scathing remarks” about the procurement processes at the agency in relation to the contracts which will be dealt with during testimony at the commission.


Soni said the testimony would identify persons who directly or indirectly benefitted through the capture of Prasa and the key role players in the process. Soni said the testimony would also deal with allegations that from July 2007 to June 2009 former president Jacob Zuma received monthly payments from Royal Security, a company linked to Roy Moodley.

Soni said these alleged monthly payments amounted to just over R1.5 million just before Zuma became president in 2009 and that in 2010 Royal Security scored a contract at Prasa, which has resulted in the company receiving an amount of R471 million so far.

Testimony at the commission would also deal with payments Prasa has made to another entity linked to Moodley, Siyangena, Soni said. Soni said the testimony would show that former Prasa CEO Lucky Montana had “played a central role in the award of that contract to Siyangena.

The commission will also hear testimony that at some stage Moodley allegedly tried to force employees at Prasa to pay out an amount owed to an entity linked to him, namely, Prodigy and that during this incident he allegedly made reference to the power he wielded, Soni said.

Soni said the commission would also hear testimony about payments of more than R1 billion made by Prasa to Makhensa Mabunda for consultancy services and another payment of R80 million he received for facilitating a contract between the agency and a third party. That, Mr Chair, is the substance of the nature of the evidence we will lead to show that Prasa was captured,” Soni said. Soni said the testimony would also show that another alleged role player in the capture of Prasa was the agency’s former board chair, Sifiso Buthelezi.

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