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South Africans can now renew their car licence on WhatsApp


Motorists can now renew their car licence disk using WhatsApp through Infobip’s ‘chatback’ function on WhatsApp. Infobip said that the service is open to all car owners in South Africa at any time. It added that the convenient renewal process takes less than two minutes saving vehicle owners ample time, without having to wait in long queues.

Craig Greenwood Selby, Infobip’s MD in South Africa, says the service is exceptionally innovative and is already having an impressive impact on the lives of South African motorists. We see many use cases for WhatsApp Business API, but we are always on the lookout for those that are special and can change people’s lives.


“There are many regular payment platforms and apps, but when we established what ChatFin wanted to achieve, we were extremely excited as it opens up a brand-new market for ‘convenience’ in South Africa,” he said. WhatsApp is used by 1.6 billion people in over 180 countries is the world’s most used chat app.

WhatsApp’s channel verification with its green check mark also helps the customers to quickly recognise the verified dialogue, assuring that the end-customer is in fact communicating with the accurate business or organisation over WhatsApp avoiding any possible fraud situations.

How to access the service

Users can click here to start the process in WhatsApp or go to the ChatBack website, or add ChatBack (+27 66 202 6685) to their contacts and then text “renew” over WhatsApp to get started. Alternatively, the below video outlines how the service works:

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