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Mangoshas have their own Black Friday deals


Black Friday is not only for the big shops that offer goods at special prices. Magoshas told the People’s Paper they, too, are following the lead of retail stores with special offers of their own. Yesterday the People’s Paper learnt that magoshas don’t want to be left behind. We know everything is on special,” magoshas from Vanderbijlpark in the Vaal, not too far from Joburg, said.

“We had a meeting and agreed to do our own Black Friday so we could get more clients.” The magoshas said they were hoping to attract more customers to cash in on the Black Friday craze and take home more money to their kids and families. For this weekend only, a round of steamy s-e-x with magoshas will be R20 cheaper. With their thighs, bums and everything else on display, the magoshas have decided to slash their prices. Competition is tough, and we understand that R70 can be a lot of money, so for this weekend only we’re selling for R50,” said one of the ladies.


In this part of the kasi, punani is on sale day and night to passing motorists. A magosha who claimed to have three children and siblings to feed said she wanted to take all the business she could get.

It can’t be only the giant stores that take all the money. We’re also in business and we can’t afford to lose money,” she said. The magoshas claim they service about 15 to 20 customers on good days and about five or six on slow days.

“We have called some of our regulars and told them about our special, and they sounded excited. We just can’t wait to make a killing,” said a magosha. Daily Sun traced some of their regular customers. A 33-year-old man who, for obvious reasons, didn’t want to give his name, said he’d be taking his place in the Black Friday queue.

“Imagine if you’re very happy when you pay full price. Definitely you’ll have to come back if the price is so much cheaper. He said he’d be back today. I’m going to get more bang for my buck,” he said.

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