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Riky Rick Partners With South African Bank

South African rapper Riky Rick, also known as King Kotini announces partnership with a popular South African bank. Walking toward an institution and narrating his journey in the music industry, Riky Rick announces his latest partnership. He says he fell in love with Hip Hop 30 years ago and decided to pursue it even though people around him told him not to.

“30 years ago I was introduced to Hip-Hop. I was happy just being a fan of the culture but somewhere along the way it pulled me in deeper than I would’ve imagined. So many people told me not to get too involved because there would be no future for me. Despite all the self-doubt and detractors, I decided to pursue my first love and commit myself to the culture that gave me the confidence to be myself.

Riky Rick

He adds that the music genre continues to improve his life and those close and dear to him. Many years later, this culture keeps opening doors for me and my family. Doors I was told were not built for people like me to walk through. He invites his fans to be part of his journey and not just watch from the sidelines.

“I invite you to walk through those doors with me. I invite you to see yourself as more than just a spectator but a vessel of infinite potential. I invite you on a journey of turning our dreams into our reality.” He then announced his partnership with African Bank.

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“I am excited to announce my partnership with African Bank. A bank that believes in my dreams but most importantly… A bank that believes in you,” he wrote.
This past Valentine’s Day Riky came under fire on social media after he shared a video dancing with his wife on his forthcoming single.

Riky Rick

Social media users could not help but noticed his partner looked uncomfortable like she didn’t want to be in the video or was upset over something.

Some social media users even went as far as saying he is keeping his wife in a toxic marriage. The rapper looked unbothered by the comments from social media users – he went about with his usual business. He told his fans that the record had shot up to number one and thanked everyone for the ‘love.’

Source: Zalebs

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