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Former Generations actress Sophie Ndaba speaks out – I’ve been declared dead twice this year

Sophie Ndaba

With the many perks that come with social media, every now and again we are reminded that there are also plenty of disadvantages and the spread of fake news is right up there on the list.

Former Generations actress (read ‘actor’ for the feminists out there) Sophie Ndaba – now Lichaba – was at the receiving end of one of the many social media’s woes when she found her name trending alongside death rumours.

This is actually not the first time Sophie has had to deal with death rumours. In October 2018, a rumour about her death was also sparked by a social media user who claimed the news broke on the Expresso show – the rumour turned out to be false and Expresso issued a statement distancing themselves from the inception of the rumour.

Sophie Lichaba

Sophie Lichaba has once again spoken out to address rumours of her death. She took to Instagram to share this heartbreaking message:

“Hi darlings, It’s heartbreaking to read messages that I’m dead. It’s the second time this year this has happened and it’s extremely traumatic to my family friends and especially my kids. To address the rumors I’m alive and kicking and God willing I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.”

Sophie’s husband, Max Lichaba, also shared his frustration about his wife’s death rumours.


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