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Before and after weight loss Pictures of Sophie Lichaba

Before and after weight loss Pictures of Sophie Lichaba! A lot of hate and critics have been circulating all-around social media about the former Generations: The Legacy actress Queen aka Sophie Lichaba’s health status, to an extent that some thought she had died.

Sophie Lichaba

However, because she is such a very strong lady she keeps her head up and conquers any negativity that comes her way. A lot of people had tried to drag her down but it did not work, she is a superwoman.

She has also for a couple of times come out to address those with no information about her health and she had this to say;

Sophie ndaba

“I’m sending my love to all my friends and family who are concerned about my weight and health. Living with Diabetes doesn’t mean my life must stop. It means I will fight to live and encourage those who already are suffering from this deadly disease. Help others prevent it.

Sophie Lechaba

I started my weight loss journey because I was Obese and it affected my health. I made a confident choice to start eating well and lose weight. Yes it’s been a year of healthy eating and I’m proud of where I am. I want to encourage those who are struggling with obesity and say don’t worry what people think even if they will think you’re dying. Being overweight landed me in hospital. I made my weight loss choice.

Sophie Ndaba

I’m proud of it! I’m excited my fridge looks pretty 5 colours without fail. I will eventually reach my goal weight. Through healthy eating. Starting my blog soon. So am I’m definitely excited that God allowed me to go through this test to save lives.” she wrote.

Back then Sophie was known for being a fat lady, but now she is slender.

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Faith Nketsi

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