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Somizi on meeting his new BBF Boy George

Somizi and Boy George

When Somizi finally met someone he has been looking up to all his life, he just had to share the moment with his fans – The reality star and entertainer met Boy George while in Monaco and couldn’t help but gush – The two men got on so well that they are now calling each other friends.

Somizi and Boy George
Somizi and Mohale are having the time of their lives, jetting around and seeing beautiful locations. Although they’re not only having a holiday – there’s work to be done as well – they are making the most of every minute. And boy, did Somizi make the most of his time. He finally got to meet his biggest idol – Boy George, the English singer-songwriter and lead singer of Culture Club.

Somizi and Boy George

Somizi was so happy to have met someone he has been looking up for all his life that he gushed on social media. Here’s part of what he had to say: “So as we were walking out of the hotel here I see my icon I scream with excitement as if we knew each other and haven’t seen each other for days. Boy George I scream he turns and says honey u look fab. We carry on for a good 5 min whilst my husband stares with wonder as to who is this man somizi is so gaga over. He then insists that we come to his show tonight but unfortunately it’s our last day in Monaco. “As we leave I knew immediately that I’ve found my long lost brother my idol before I knew of Elton John. Lady Gaga. Madonna. Grace Jones. Before Sam Smith was. Anyone born in my era and gay to be precise will know what this man means to us all over the world. I can’t wait to visit u in the states and u visit me in Africa……. when stars align.

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