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SAD: Meet a Tembisa woman, Smangele Ngema who is a graduate but washes blankets for a living

Smangele Ngema

Smangele Ngema (26) has been struggling to find a job. Tired of relying on her gogo’s pension, she decided to start her own business.

Smangele from Tembisa washes blankets for a living and is unapologetic about it.

She told the publication life humbled and taught her to think out of the box.

Smangele Ngema

“I can no longer sit around waiting to get a call or email for a job interview,” she said.

Smangele, a management assistant graduate, said she’s never had a stable job.

“The last time I worked was at a call centre in 2019 for six months. The contract was not renewed. I’ve since been wasting my grandmother’s money buying data to apply with no luck.”

She’s now given up on finding a job.

“I’ve been patient, but there are many of us sitting at home with qualifications and skills. I was willing to do any job just to get an income,” she said.

Smangele hopes and prays that her business grows into a proper laundromat.

“Washing blankets is no child’s play and people don’t like it.

“So I hope my client base will grow and I’ll have enough income to rent space for a laundromat.”

Smangele works alone but hopes to employ someone soon.

“I can’t work alone, and people are willing to work with me. We all have to eat at the end of the day,” she said.

She’s aware some of her pictures have been circulating on social media, and she doesn’t have a problem.

Smangele Ngema

“I know people saw a woman in short dresses washing blankets, but I can’t wear trousers because I also use my feet to wash the blankets.”

Smangele Ngema

-daily sun

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