List of Countries with the smallest Pen!ses in the world

They say dynamite comes in small packages, right? So, what happens to that small package if it fails to explode?

Do we blame it for its size or lack of explosion?

Forget the above fun rhetoric because a lot is often said about the size of one’s manhood.

Your s.e.xual performance is often quantified by how big or small your 4-5 is.

Research suggests size doesn’t count and that only 30% of women’s 0rgasm is from penetrative s.e.x.

Another study from Healthline magazine revealed that a lot of women preferred what they deemed “a boyfriend 4-5” because it was less painful and couples had a longer s.e.xual relationship with each other.

According to, should one think they have a small 4-5, keeping fit, not shaving all the pubic hair and mastering its art should take your partner’s mind off your pen!s.

So, which countries have the smallest 4-5s?

The ETI publication provides a list:

  • South & North Korea (9cm).
  • Cambodia (10,16cm).
  • Thailand (10,16cm).) India (10,16cm).
  • Burma (10,66cm).
  • Taiwan (10,66cm).
  • The Philippines (10,66cm).
  • China (11cm).
  • Sri Lanka (11cm).
  • Japan (11cm).

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Pearl Modiadie

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