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Sjava says he will fight assault and abuse allegations in the high court


Following Lady Zamar’s explosive Twitter tweets; which revealed the most intimate and shocking parts of her relationship with Sjava, the ATM muso has not heard the end of it.


Despite releasing a statement, in a bid to ward off any suspicions including being labelled guilty because of his silence, the streets still want answers. However, the artist has decided not to address the matter at all because he has been advised to take legal action.

Lady Zama and Sjava

The notion ‘innocent until proven guilty’ does not seem to apply to many people; especially looking at the state of femicide and women abuse in the country. To many, Sjava is guilty and nothing he says will change that. More so, when the Ugogo hit maker continues with his business, he is said to be heartless and showing no remorse.

The continued negativity has triggered Sjava to release a final statement in which he told fans he will not speak of the allegations ever again.


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DJ Tira’s wife and socialite Gugu Khathi is embroiled in a nasty fight with her neighbour that has turned violent.

DJ Tira and family

Khathi and her 50-year-old neighbour Cindy O’Neil have opened cases of assault against one another at the Honeydew police station. The drama unfolded on Friday night at the upmarket Willowbrook Estate, in Ruimsig, where both O’Neil and Khathi families reside. Read more

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