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Sjava & Lady Zamar’s rape drama heats up – Voice Clip of them arguing in a closed room released

Lady Zamar and Sjava

Sjava‘s staunch followers are defending him through and through, as he battles a rape charge levelled against him by musician and former girlfriend, Lady Zamar.

The hashtag #JusticeForSjava is trending on Twitter, whereby Tweeps are questioning Lady Zamar’s version of events. “Loopholes” have been pointed out.

Sjava and Lady Zamar

Twitter user, @Munyai_R_Gundo shared a screengrab, where, presumably, a music promoter by the name, Bhuti SFK Sithole detailed how, in the year 2018 Zamar was adamant at being placed in close proximity to Sjava. Including a request, if she could perform before or after Sjava, her dressing room to be next to Sjava.

The “promoter” ended the piece by questioning why Zamar was comfortable with her alleged rapist.

In another clip, posted by popular Twitter user @AdvoVBarryRoux, Sjava and Zamar can be heard arguing about the lack of communication in their relationship.
The Collide singer, repeatedly stated that all she ever wanted from her former then-lover is attention!

The clip was clearly recorded during the course of their super-private relationship, therefore many are hoping that Zamar’s not accusing him to get his attention.

Check out the various comments from the streets of Twitter:

In other news – Pabi Moloi arrested

One thing about life is, once you accept that you wronged something and you apologize, that is what is called wisdom. Thursday night would be a night of regret for media personality Pabi Moloi after she was arrested after a night out on the town.

Pabi Moloi

Pabi, after a couple of drinks on Thursday night, decided to drive herself home and got pulled over by the police. continue reading

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