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She died at a Party

Dead Party

It was at an after tears party that 22-year-old Kristy Williams lost her life.

About 50 mourners drank, danced and watched football on TV late into the night, as just metres away in a bedroom, Kristy lay dead or dying from a single stab wound.

Dead Party

The 21st June this year was the fifteenth anniversary of the tragedy. And the person responsible for her death is yet to be bust.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, Kristy’s mum, Cathy Ryan, and 80 others returned to the Erambie Aboriginal Mission in Cowra, New South Wales, Australia last weekend to mark the anniversary.

Cathy remains heartbroken that her daughter died so young and so tragically.

She also believes that the aboriginal community in which her daughter died knows who it is, but are protecting the murderer.

“I think they all know what happened, I don’t know how they sleep. One person would have done it, and the rest are covering,” she told The Herald.

“Someone somewhere in this community knows what happened. We need them to come forward.”

Cathy has decided to move back to Cowra, a town she had lived in for five years before her daughter’s murder.

“I need to come back, to be with Kristy. It’s time.

“People are going to have to face me every day. See how that will get them,” she said.

She may not know who did it, but Cathy thinks she knows why.

“I don’t think they meant to kill her, but they wanted to hurt her. Jealousy is the only thing I can put it down to.”

She also thinks cops could have done more to solve the mystery.

“My daughter’s worth more. She did drink and I know that, she’s not perfect, she’s like most young girls. I think the cops just looked at her as she’s Indigenous, on a mission, she partied and they didn’t care,” said Cathy.

Cop Scott Cook said: “It is also frustrating for police that this remains unsolved after 15 years and we have not yet brought justice for Kristy.

“All victim families deserve answers and we are committed to providing answers to more families.”

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