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Sbahle Blasts Ndu Browns

Ambitiouz Entertainment is a record label that has a name that is continually met with contention. This is because most of the artists that leave the record label always do so with a dark cloud following them. Specifically, this is mostly due to the record label continually being put on blast by most of its existing artists.

Whether it is the likes of A-Reece, Emtee, Intaba Yase Dubai, and most recently Malome Vector. One of the most recent groups to leave the record label was the hit musical duo Blaq Diamond back in 2022. At the time it seemed that the exit was amicable.

Ndu Browns

However, it seems that this might not be the case. This comes after one-half of the duo Ndu Browsn has been put on blast by their former artist Sbahle.

Sbahle puts Ndu Browns on blast

Ndu Browns

Before leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment, Blaq Diamond had expanded their brand to include being a music executive. This is as they created their own record label Umuthi Records under the Ambitiouz Entertainment umbrella.

As such, the record label launched itself through its first signed artist Sbahle. The female singer-songwriter’s first single Emlangeni would be an immediate hit as it currently sits with over 8.8 million viewers on YouTube since its release two years ago.

While Sbahle might have released other songs, it seems that her acclaim might have not meant profits. As such, she took to Instagram to put Umuthi Records, and Ndu, on blast for the alleged mistreatment she has suffered.

In her lengthy post, she started by writing in isiZulu. But when translated read:

Ndu Browns

“I’ve been quiet for too long, so it’s time to stand up for myself. I have been mistreated for way too long and kept quiet in the hopes that things will get better. However this did not happen, and now I find myself being mistreated yet again.”

People [came] sp to my grandparents home. Ask for permission to move me to a different province, and promise to take care of me, and my career and support me all the way. Only for them to abandon me, not knowing what I eat, where I sleep, [or] how I live. Now they are bullying me out of my music and taking it down.

So Bhuti Ndu Brown you really meant it when you called me, “A nothing?” Is that the reason why you are taking down the music that we agreed about? Is this how you are showing your support?”

Ndu Browns Ndu Browns Ndu Browns

However, when the matter landed on Twitter, tweeps and fans of Blaq Diamond were quick to raise red flags in terms of Sbahle’s claims. As such, they have accused her of working with Ambitiouz Entertainment in an effort to tarnish the reputation and good name of the Summer Yo’Muthi hitmakers.


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