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The day of Jacob Zuma’s arrest is one of the darkest in SA’s history, says Mzwanele Manyi

The Jacob Zuma Foundation on Thursday said equality before the law was dealt a huge blow when it came to former president Jacob Zuma.

The foundation is marking a year since Zuma was jailed for contempt of court in July 2021.

The Constitutional Court ordered that the former president be jailed for 15 months for failing to appear before the state capture commission of inquiry.

A year later, his foundation said the justice system treated the former head of state unfairly and although now released on medical parole, this day remained one with which they are unsatisfied with.

Foundation spokesperson Mzwanele Manyi insists Zuma’s arrest was unfair and his rights were disregarded: “His rights to a fair trial were not granted, and they issued a sentence, his right to appeal the judgment that it was wrong was not granted. So, what kind of justice is that?”

He said the arrest showed that before the law, Zuma was not treated equally: “It meant that President Zuma does not enjoy the same rights as all other people.”

Manyi believes this will go down as one of the darkest days in the country’s history.


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