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SAPS officers arrested after Joburg CBD raid granted bail

SAPS officers arrested

Samuel Sekopara and Molato Mostao of the tactical task team members appeared in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court for a bail application on Tuesday.

The pair have both been sergeants in the SAPS for 15 years and were implicated in a corruption investigation after video footage reportedly shows them tipping traders off ahead of raids in Johannesburg last week.

The prosecutors asked for bail to be set at R30,000 for each man but the magistrate decided the amount was too high.

Johannesburg CBD raid

Both officers do not have any previous convictions or pending cases and they are not regarded as flight risks. The officers are still SAPS members pending an internal hearing.

The magistrate set bail for each man at R5,000. The matter has been postponed for further investigations and will resume on 27 September.

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Source: eNCA


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