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Sangomas storm Sunward Park High School


Sangomas storm Sunward Park High School. They told Daily Sun they wanted school staff not to mistreat or refer to traditional healers as demons.

Sangomas yesterday went to Sunward Park High School in Boksburg, Ekurhuleni to send a strong message. Yesterday, 30 healers went to show support for grade 10 pupil, sangoma Bongiwe “Lwandle” Ngobese (15).

Her parents complained to the media about the principal and teachers allegedly humiliating her for wearing sangoma beads to school. She was apparently referred to as a demon on 17 January.


Bongiwe had to leave school last year for thwasa training, returning this year. The Traditional Healers Organisation said the school assured them their intention was not to kick Bongiwe out of school or make her feel uncomfortable.

National organiser Siphiwe Manana, said: “We were angered after Bongiwe was called a demon and threatened. “The school denied the reports, saying they asked her to cover her beads with a long-sleeved school shirt as per the school policy.”

“If she is called names because of her calling, we will certainly come back.”

Last week, a Gauteng Education spokesman said there was a meeting between Bongiwe’s parents and the school, where it was decided that she may wear her traditional beads but must keep them covered by a long-sleeved shirt.

Source: Daily Sun


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