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Sangoma in serious trouble – Angry ancestors take away her powers after she slept with another sangoma’s husband


The sangoma hasn’t been able to help anyone recently after she poked another sangoma’s husband.

The 37-year-old from Tsakane, Ekurhuleni, told Daily Sun she met the man at a ceremony in Tsakane in November.

She said they eyed each other, kissed, and exchanged numbers.

“He started calling me. I couldn’t be the one calling because I knew he had a wife and had to respect that,” said the sangoma.

She said they had phone s.e.x when the wife was out shopping.

“I was single and hadn’t been with a man for a while. He made me happy.”

She said after a month of talking on the phone, the wife went to see her family in KZN for two weeks and this gave them the opportunity to meet.

But the wife found out when she saw her husband’s call log.

The wife confronted her husband, who admitted to having an affair.

“He broke up with me and the trouble started a week after that. Someone came to consult, but I couldn’t connect with my ancestors,” she said.

Shocked and confused, she continued trying to communicating with her ancestors several times, but couldn’t.

She then decided to seek help from her gobela, who was angry with her for what she did.

“She agreed to help and instructed me to buy a sheep for a ceremony to apologize to my ancestors.

“Two days after the ceremony, I went back to my ndumba and tried to connect, but nothing happened. I was so hurt,” she said.

Her gobela then referred her to someone else in Tembisa, where she lived for three days.

“I went home to another rejection. I cried and begged, but nothing. How can my eight years of being a sangoma vanish because of a man?” asked the sangoma.

The gobela said the ancestors revealed they were not happy with what the sangoma did, but instructed her on what to do to reconnect with them.

She said she hoped things would be okay when she referred her to someone else.

The sangoma’s friend said she knew about the relationship, but never thought it would cause so much trouble.

“She was so happy and I didn’t want to ruin her happiness by telling her to stop.

When she told me the wife found out, I was scared for her.

“I thought she’ll send some lighting, but she didn’t even confront my friend. She just dealt with her man,” said the friend.

Daily Sun spoke to the husband, who said he was aware of the matter, but didn’t want anything to do with it.

“I’m still working on trying to gain my wife’s trust again. I wish her luck in finding herself,” he said.

-Daily Sun

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