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Sakeliga – Hot food ban is illegal

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The sale of warm prepared foods during the lockdown has now officially been banned.

But the government could still face legal action from business rights groups and opposition parties which say the decision is irrational and unfair.

Major food outlets stopped selling hot prepared foods last week after the minister said it was banned.

Business rights group Sakeliga says it is opposing the regulations because these stores — and their customers — are suffering.

It says the wording of the new regulation seems to allow for the sale of cold foods.

“The legal challenge that we’re bringing may still continue,” said Sakeliga’s legal head Daniel du Plessis.

“We are currently getting legal advice on that because one of the grounds for the challenge was the rationality of the regulations.”

Minister Ebrahim Patel received similar threats from opposition parties, which say government gazetted the ban so Patel could save face.

The Trade and Industry Department didn’t respond to requests for comment or indicate if it would rescind the ban.

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