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Buhle Samuels fired after sharing half-n@ked Pictures

It all started when a tweep wrote, ‘Sometimes it seems black women have nothing to offer but their weaves and bodies 🤦‍♀️‘.  Buhle Samuels defended her decision to post half-n@ked pictures of herself on social media.

Buhle Samuels

She delivered some spicy clap backs to trolls who slammed her for posting racy pictures in an attempt to look sexxy.

Buhle Samuels

The Muvhango actress posted half-n@ked pictures of herself in a white 2-piece ‘Lounge’ underwear and captioned them, “bored at home” on Twitter.

As an ambassador for the underwear brand, she had posted similar pictures of herself wearing the brand. She received some raving reviews for the alluring snaps, however this time the focus was not her body, instead, it was the nudity that got people bothered.

When Tweeps who were bothered by her posting racy pictures showing off her booty, called her out on it, she clapped back hard.

“Sometimes it seems black women have nothing to offer but their weaves and bodies,” one comment read.

She responded by saying “We are whole beings…I’ve tweeted about so many other things recently that you’ve probably never cared to interact with but this tweet moves you. Why, only you and the Lord know! Just leave me out of it thanks.”

She even went on to tell people who are bothered to continue with their lives and simply unfollow her.

“Even if I wasn’t what’s bothering them? This is simple, people should just continue with their lives. Just scroll on or unfollow. Simple! Not every single post will suit everyone every single time. That’s life.”

Here are other comments and her clap backs:

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