S.e.x Tips for People in Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships pose many challenges, though perhaps the biggest downside of being apart from your S.O. — aside from, obviously, not seeing each other — is not being able to enjoy sexual intimacy regularly.

But just because you can’t physically have sex together, doesn’t mean you have to reserve every ounce of pleasure or desire for those rare moments when you’re back in the same bed.  In fact, that s-e-xual chemistry is more important than ever when you’re in an LDR.

“If you’re not working to keep your sexuality connected to your partner when you can’t physically touch them, it becomes less of a romantic relationship,” cautions Gigi Engle, a certified sex coach. “You lose the intimacy that you have when you’re with someone in real life.

The solution? Work at it — and be creative! Be willing to get inventive, open, and playful to keep the sparks alive. Here are some tips to keep the intimacy going on and on, whether you’re 200 miles apart or 2,000.

1. Get techy
Initiate a bit of tech foreplay and suggestive flirting with your partner. Try:

sexting throughout the day
sending n#des
texting flirty messages

You can opt instead for exchanging flirty messages via a chat app like WhatsApp — or even Apple Notes like this couple. These apps can help break the ice and keep the exchange private (and away from the more mundane conversations of daily life).

2. Get comfortable talking about your feelings, needs and desires and listening to your partner’s, too.
“Be open with your partner. The key to intimacy in LDRs is open communication. Discuss the best ways to maintain intimacy with your partner. Don’t be shy to experiment with intimate activities that you both are comfortable doing. Communicate your sexual desires and be open to your partner’s desires, too.” — Craig

3. Start with sexting.
“For beginners, s.e.x toys or video sex might be too much. I recommend sexting because it’s a great activity to maintain intimacy while you are physically apart — not too direct for beginners, less awkward, and you can build up as you go along and get more comfortable.” — Craig
4. Create a secret photo album where you can safely store your partner’s saucy selfies.
“In the beginning of our three-year long-distance relationship, we would often find ourselves sexting to keep the sexual spark alive in between trips to see each other. This would mostly be just writing, however, there were a few cheeky pictures exchanged from time to time, which we each kept on a secret photo album app on our phones.” ― Casee Brimblecombe

5. And *always* make sure you’re sending those s.e.xy pics to the right recipient.
“Just make sure you double-check you’re in the right phone conversation when you’re sending saucy messages or pictures! I’ve made the mistake once. You best believe I tripled-checked every message after that.” ― Brimblecombe

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