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Roland Muchengwa is alleged to have impregnated 69 South African girls

Roland Muchengwa is alleged to have impregnated 69 South African girls. The infamous Zimbabwean blesser Roland Muchengwa is planting his seeds all over South Africa.

According to a source close to Muchengwa he had impregnated 69 girls and counting from Musina, Limpopo to Cape Town.

Roland Muchengwa

“He is doing on purpose, he uses Zimbabwean muti that makes his sperms strong like little superman sperms, they can survive for weeks waiting for the girl to ovulate. A superman sperm can even go inside the ovaries of a girl and take an egg for itself.”

When the girls tell him the are pregnant he sends them e-wallet and tells then to blame it on their boyfriends. “He picks yellow-bones because he does not want the babies to look loke him, he doesn’t want them to be dark like him because he doesn’t want the boyfriends to be skeptical.

Roland Muchegwa

Our sources say he cannot be stopped because pregnancy from his sperms can survive all types of abortions.

“If the girls insist on using condoms he agrees because he knows his sperms would chew through the condom”.

In other news – Mmabatho is heartbroken by Shaka’s confession on #TheQueenMzansi

Mmabatho had The Queen fans pressed and deep in the feels on Thursday night when she confronted Shaka about the death of her mother. Shaka’s cousin, Dingane, told Mmabatho that her mother was not in a taxi accident, but had been killed by a bomb planted by Shaka.

Mmabatho and Shaka

Sis was distraught by the news and locked herself away while she tried to deal. She was crying hysterically when she met up with her aunt, Gracious, and could hardly speak. But it all came to a head when sis confronted Shaka about the claims and he confessed. continue reading

Source: Zimetro

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