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Mmabatho is heartbroken by Shaka’s confession on #TheQueenMzansi

Mmabatho and Shaka

Mmabatho had The Queen fans pressed and deep in the feels on Thursday night when she confronted Shaka about the death of her mother. Shaka’s cousin, Dingane, told Mmabatho that her mother was not in a taxi accident, but had been killed by a bomb planted by Shaka. Sis was distraught by the news and locked herself away while she tried to deal. She was crying hysterically when she met up with her aunt, Gracious, and could hardly speak. But it all came to a head when sis confronted Shaka about the claims and he confessed.

Shaka Khoza and Mmabatho

Malume was in tears as he tried to explain that it had happened before the pair had even met and the bomb was meant for Gracious. He said that Mmabatho and their child were the most important things in his world and he wished the bomb had not killed her mother.

Sis was broken and told him that nothing he said would bring her mother back and that enough is enough. This the end … We’re done … Get out,” she told Shaka.

Fans were shocked and flooded social media with messages and memes, sharing their heartbreak at Mmabatho’s pain.


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