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SA lockdown: Restaurant Association warns of job losses

Restaurant Association

Grabbing a bite to eat, dining at a restaurant or even a quick stop for an ice cream used to be easy as pie. But the coronavirus has changed that. Under Level 4 lockdown regulations, we are only allowed to order for delivery. But how has the restaurant industry been impacted? The Restaurant Association of South Africa warns of possible job losses if the lockdown regulations continue The association’s Wendy Alberts says government has been ignoring its plight.

Alberts said that bigger players in the industry and bigger businesses are starting to feel the pinch. The pressure is getting greater and greater in our restaurants. We’ve seen the repurcussions of the last two, three weeks in our industry,” Alberts said.

“We’ve seen the detrimental effect that deliveries-only has had on the infrastructure of the financial model that we’ve got. We’re just getting deeper and deeper into debt and our restaurants are really taking major strain.

Restaurant Association

Alberts said they have been in conversation with government about their requirements and requests. But we just feel nobody is listening to the requirements that we’ve got. There is no appreciation for restaurants in South Africa,” Alberts said.

We certainly need government listen to us. We’re at a space where we’re starting to lose a lot restaurants. What is going to happen to restaurants at the other end of the curve?”

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