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Researchers bust age old myth as #TheG-SpotDoesNOTExist trends

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MEN who struggle to find a woman’s G-spot now have a rock-solid excuse — scientists say it does not exist.

A study found no evidence of powerful org@sms stimulated by a small sensitive region, as has been claimed for 70 years.

German gynaecologist Ernst Gräfenberg was first to suggest a woman’s s.e.xual pleasure increases thanks to a dense network of nerve endings.

But his theory was reportedly disproven by a new study of 17 middle-aged women.

It found no spots, but did identify a “fairly even distribution” of nerves.

Barry Komisaruk, from Rutgers University in New Jersey, said: “It’s not like pushing an elevator button or a light switch. It’s not a single thing.”

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Medics from Istanbul also claimed anatomical evidence for the presence of the G spot was “insufficient and weak”.

The study may be a relief for many.

One survey found 22 per cent of men felt finding it was the main aim during s.e.x.

This has sent shock waves across twitter with people claiming the person who started this hash tag had failed to find the g-spot.







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