Home Entertainment Redi Tlhabi slams Pearl Thusi for laughing through AKA interview

Redi Tlhabi slams Pearl Thusi for laughing through AKA interview

Redi Tlhabi and Pearl Thusi

Week after week Pearl Thusi has received applause from fans for her interviewing skills on Behind the Story. However, after the interview with AKA, the TV host has received some criticism from veteran broadcaster Redi Tlhabi for the way she handled certain portions of the interview.

Pearl Thusi

Redi criticised Pearl for failing to ask “tough questions” of the rapper, who was talking about cheating on his baby mama DJ Zinhle with Bonang Matheba and then breaking up with Bonang and going back to Zinhle.

Redi Tlhabi

There was a portion, in which Pearl asked AKA about the rocks he tweeted about after his break-up with Bonang, which left Redi uneasy. Redi felt Pearl could have handled it better instead of “giggling” her way around harmful answers.
You can, in an interview, interrupt and ask tough questions like: ‘Wait, are you really going to perpetuate harmful stereotypes and should you not take responsibility for the choices you made?’ No need to giggle your way around harmful answers,” Redi said.

Redi said that the way she handled that part of the interview was harmful and that the conversation demonstrated “microaggressions and gender stereotypes”.

“Do ‘they’ understand the microaggressions & gender stereotypes demonstrated in that convo? A bit like The Mad Woman In the Attic. Except this is real life,” Redi explained.
Pearl didn’t directly respond to Redi’s tweets, despite many thinking that she would. She only retweeted comments from her viewers who praised her interviewing skills. How do you think Pearl should have handled that portion of the interview?

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