Twitter wants to know who pulled the trigger on Thabiso? #TheQueenMzansi

Thabiso escaped from prison to find and kill Goodness, but he also got shot – leaving viewers to debate about who pulled the trigger.

After a storyline that went on for days, Thabiso and Goodness finally reached the end of the road, but now the question is: Who is dead and who isn’t?

Viewers thought it was all over when Thabiso got convicted for r@ping Goodness. It looked like she had finally gotten her justice after a long and gruelling case.

Thabiso on The Queen

But when viewers heard that Thabiso had escaped from prison, they knew it wouldn’t end well for Goodness. After they were both shots, it’s clear that Thabiso is dead, but the bullet that hit Goodness didn’t look fatal.

However, by now fans know better than to assume that anyone is dead on these small-screen shows, so they spent most of their memes trying to be Sherlock Holmes.

The question of the night was, who shot Thabiso?





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