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Prophet Oscar Pambuka’s useful information on Zimbabwe’s youth

Prophet Oscar Pambuka’s useful information on Zimbabwe’s youth: A must-read. The controversial self-proclaimed man of God has for quite some time shared information that can be very useful for many Zimbabwe youths out there. Yes, we all know him for most of his controversies but here he is making sense. To all the youths please you need to hear this out…

This is dedicated to my fellow youths…Do you know how I learnt practically to make a few dollars out of 15 cents? Honestly speaking it was in this hive of activity called Mbare.
In Mbare youths are making money through simple things imagine unlike those in the suburbs as they call them who spend time eating, drinking and hallucinating in their parents houses.

Covo chaiyo inokupukunyisa, buy a shaving machine and gera musoro.Just imagine it’s 3 us per musoro. Collect waste iya yamunoti tsvina and package it in tonnes. Yes zvigubhu you see everyday zve Pepsi zviri pasi ipfuma wena. A tonne can give you about 450 us. Ungaite nungo yekutsoma tsvina. Just dealing with nails and hair can pay your rent my girl.

Kugadzira yard you will get about 10-20 us and this increases when you go to the leafy suburbs. Vamwe tinoda kuchengetedzwa.instead of fighting in the streets and intoxicating your dear health, you can provide security services wopihwa pfuma. Flowers are on big demand manzwa, so you can also do that asap.

I have more to share but this requires youths who are tired of poverty and stagnation.
When doing these things,don’t worry about your friends or kunyara. At the end of the day, unenge uine between 40 and 50 us vaya vanoseka vasina kana ye freezit.
Resist poverty and it will flee from you. Dont procrastinate, start today tosangana December.
#OscarPambuka ndini wacho 

Source – MbareTimes

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Prophet Shephard Bushiri seems to be enjoying himself with his family after a terrible week. Taking to social Media he has shared a couple of snaps showing he is healing from the pain of losing his daughter Israella.

Prophet Bushiri

Thank you all for praying and standing with us during this healing time. We believe in God who heals the broken-hearted…Learn More.

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